Playing safely

To let children play as safely as possible, playgrounds are equipped with certified appliances and an impact absorbing floor covering. With time, as a result of intensive use, wear will occur and the applicances may no langer comply with the standard. With the Axum Probeset test tools, inspectors and wardens of playgrounds can easily check if the appliances are still safe.

How does it work?

The Axum ProbeSet consists of a set of lightweight tools designed to test and assess playground equipment according to standard EN1176. There will be emphasis on the construction of the appliance, as well as details like the sizes of openings and holes which could present possible safety hazards and lead to risks of strangulation, pinching (head traps, finger traps) and other injury.

EN 1176 regulations

NEN EN 1176-1 specificies general safety regulations for playground equipment and floor coverings of public playgrounds. In several other parts of the EN1176 specific safety standards are specified.